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When it comes to freight Transportation of America understands that not every load will fit neatly into the standard dry van. That is why we offer flatbed shipping across the nation.

Flatbed trucks have the ability and capacity to handle large and odd-shaped loads as well as a much higher weight capacity. At Transportation of America we provide:

Flatbed transport designed to handle heavier and larger freight, often in the manufacturing and construction industries. The versatility of flatbeds provides exceptional safety when tying loads down as well as versatility when loading and removing loads from flatbed trucks. When determining whether a flatbed may be the best option for you or your business, the following are a few benefits of shipping with a flatbed:

  • Faster loading and unloading. Since a flatbed provides more open space to load and unload, trucks can utilize cranes, winches, and other tools to safely remove larger objects such as military vehicles, I-beams, airplane components and other loads which need more detailed attention.
  • Affordable. Compared to other shipping methods over a long haul, flatbeds may be your most affordable option.
  • Higher weight capacity. Flatbeds are designed to handle excessive weight to handle freight other shipping methods cannot.
  • Continuous space. Shipping in a dry van has its benefits, however, one of the top reasons to use a flatbed is that there is much more room availability.
  • Secure loads. Since there are no walls to encapsulate your freight, flatbeds need to strap down your load so that there is no shifting. Drivers may use coil racks, chains, and traps to keep your load secure.

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