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As experts in the transportation industry we implement freight logistics to help you manage your local and nationwide transportation experience needed in the world’s fast-paced environment. We are a forward-thinking transportation solutions provider, combining experience and technology to get your freight where you need it when you need it.

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    Transportation of America

    At Transportation of America we focus on delivering to you a multitude of high quality services that other competitors can’t match. From Cross Docking to Truckload services we have you covered.

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    Our Valued Services

    Cross Docking

    Cross Docking is considered a lean distribution model that requires a flexible and dynamic transportation partner like TOA. 

    Trans Loading

    Transportation of America allows shippers to leverage mode shifts and pauses in transit to consolidate shipments. 

    Routing Optimization

    We give you the Marketplace Advantage that you need to succeed with our routing and optimization services.


    When you choose to warehouse with TOA, you are gaining immediate access to our massive list of distribution services.

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    Client Testimonials

    “TOA has helped my company become more efficient over the years through easy communication and solid results. I don’t think we would have been able to grow without their help!”
    Jasmine Vargas
    SMB Owner | Office Furniture Supplier
    “Due to the curb appeal of our products, we like to know where and when our merchandise will be delivered; at the click of a button, phone call, or email, we are able to know exactly where our product are and when it will arrive! This gives us insight into our business analytics that other companies can’t beat.”
    Keven Alegria
    Lead Shipping Coordinator | Large Apparel Brand
    “The team at Transportation of America has helped to alleviate all our logistical pain points by providing us a streamlined process for getting our products to our distributors.”
    Ian Bailey
    Head of Asset Delivery | Security Device Manufacturer
    “Transportation of America is always there when I need to get stock to a store in a pinch. They provide me with the services I need and streamline the logistics process, making my life so much easier. Always recommend TOA.”
    Kaila Ferrell
    Operations Manager | Grocer Distribution
    “Essentially, TOA is my secret weapon for the growth of our e-commerce expansion. Without TOA, I’m not sure that we would be where we are today!”
    Josh Pearce
    Logistics Manager | Business Supply Manufacturer
    “Great Service, Great Communication, Great Logistics Network. I always call TOA to help us move our products between facilities. Their dedication to helping us keep the environment safe is a key reason I always chose TOA.”
    Barbara Delacruz
    Freight Specialist | Bulk Plastics Recycler

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