What We Do

Everyday there are countless partial loads moving to and from all points in the U.S. This creates tremendous inefficiencies (environmental impacts) and many negative results. Additionally, your product many become too expensive to purchase when paying for full truckload rates and F.S.C. Other negatives to consider are: driver capacity (our transportation industry is shrinking), dependence on foreign oil, the environment, highway safety and congestion, road abuse, chance of accidents, etc. Each week at Transportation of America numerous truckloads are optimized into partial truckloads in which your rate and F.S.C. is reduced based on how much space each shipment actually uses after optimization. We have been safely consolidating freight for 10 years, servicing of all types of commodities including high value, time sensitive, blanket wrapped, eCommerce, home delivery products and so much more. A picture & video of the optimized shipment will be provided to you to add to your comfort level. We also have videos for your review of other customers’ products that we service. You will receive a monthly carbon footprint report card showing your total gallons of fuel and pounds of CO2 saved. We love what we do and it will show in our level of service and overall care for your product