Load to Ride Shipments

If you insist that your product not be touched or optimized, the following procedures will be implemented for your satisfaction…

We will bring the air-ride trailer which will perform the delivery to your location for loading.
For your peace of mind, a bulkhead wall can be placed between your shipment and the others that will eventually fill the trailer.
Once loaded, your shipment will never be touched. It is “Loaded to Ride”. The Transportation of America driver that leaves with your cargo out of California, will also be the driver that makes your final delivery.
Please notify the TOA team of all early morning delivery requirements, so that we may also ensure the timely unloading and servicing of the other shipments that are loaded behind yours.
If you require further clarification on Load to Ride/ Bulkhead Shipments, please contact your TOA Representative or any of our Load Planners and we will be happy to assist you.