Cross Docking

High Velocity Cross Docking

  • 70,000 Sq. Ft in Pomona, CA. (Los Angeles County)
  • 55 Dock Doors
  • 400+ Trailers Unloaded and Loaded Per Day

Transportation of America has partner cross-dock facilities in all US cities and Gateway Markets.

Cross-docking means managing high volume, high velocity and highly variable freight flow on a warehouse dock to synchronize inbound material movement with outbound deliveries. In other words, once a shipper’s orders are cut to the suppliers the merchandise can’t be held up along the way. A just in time shipper, as well as many new product “roll outs require a high velocity cross-dock program like TOAs that only pauses freight flow as long as it takes to receive, consolidate and ship. The TOA high velocity cross-dock helps companies achieve logistics goals such as safety stock depletion, reducing warehouse labor/ touches and materials management costs, shortening lead times from make to sell, creating pooled/ consolidated shipment opportunities, and the ultimate elimination of expensive storage and carrying costs.

Cross-Docking is considered a lean distribution model that requires a flexible and dynamic transportation partner like TOA that has facilities and skilled personnel to accommodate large swings in cargo volumes. It has been said that Cross-Docking is like trying to get a basketball (large volumes of freight) to fit through the garden hose (transportation variability) on any given day. To ensure predictability and performance, collaboration and communication are crucial to success. The Transportation of America team is experienced and stands ready to help you at every step.