Pricing Options

Pricing based on the total Cubic Meters of the cargo being shipped

Lineal Foot
Pricing based on the lineal feet of space occupied within the trailer

1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and Full Truckloads
Pricing based on the volume of total space occupied within the trailer

Common Carrier (Discounted)
Pricing based on Commodity, Class, Dimensions and Zip Codes

Pricing based on expedited transit requirements of the shipment

Final Mile Services
Pricing based on Weight, Number of Packages and Zip Codes

Specialized Requests
Pricing based on specialized handling or transportation requirements

Additional charges and fees may apply to your shipment depending on your service requirements.

General Commodities Tariff
Please reference our General Commodities Tariff for all Domestic Terms and Conditions and Limits of Liability