Commodity Classification Value Guidelines

National Motor Freight Traffic Association (NMFTA)

CLASS Minimum Avg. Value
Per Pound
50 $1.06
55 $2.06
60 $3.12
65 $5.17
70 $7.80
77.5 $10.39
85 $15.61
92.5 $20.78
100 $25.99
110 $28.60
125 $32.49
150 $39.02
175 $45.52
200 $52.02
250 $65.02
300 $78.01
400 $104.02
500 $130.04

Unlike density, value per pound is not in and of itself a separate transportation characteristic. Pursuant to the decisions in Ex Parte No. MC-98 (Sub-No.1), Investigations into Motor Carrier Classification, value per pound is only one component of the liability characteristic. Accordingly, information relating to value per pound must be analyzed in conjunction with the other liability elements, ie, susceptibility to theft, liability to damage, propensity to damage other freight, perishability, and propensity to spontaneous combustion or explosion. Where those other liability elements are found to present no substantial problems or concerns, value per pound is of less significance.

Consequently, the value guidelines cannot be viewed as forming a matrix with other density guidelines, where one is measured against the other to arrive at the appropriate class representing the “Average” of the two factors. Rather, the value guidelines provide an indication of the upper value limits associated with the various classes, as determined by using the density guidelines.

CLASS Minimum Avg. Density
(In Pounds Per Cubic Foot)
50 50
55 35
60 30
65 22.5
70 15
77.5 13.5
85 12
92.5 10.5
100 9
110 8
125 7
150 6
175 5
200 4
250 3
300 2
400 1
500 Less than 1

The density guidelines are used in the assignment of classes where average density is representative or reflective of the range of densities exhibited. Furthermore, the density/ class relationship set forth in the guidelines presume that there are no unusual or significant stow-ability, handling or liability characteristics, which would call for giving those characteristics additional or different “Weight” in determining the appropriate class.

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