Trans Loading

Southern California Facility

  • 70,000 Sq. Ft in Pomona, CA. (Los Angeles County)
  • 55 Dock Doors
  • 400+ Trailers Unloaded and Loaded Per Day

Transportation of America has partner trans load facilities in all US cities and Gateway Markets.

Trans Loading– the process of transferring commodities from one mode of transportation to another to gain economies of scale in transportation costs, capacity accessibility, and increased flexibility. Working with Transportation of America allows shippers to leverage mode shifts and pauses in transit to consolidate shipments and manage inventory closer to their customer demand. As a basic strategy, trans loading gives shippers the flexibility to serve a diversity of logistics operations, while reducing transport costs by substituting rail line-haul for truck, postponing inventory, reducing or even eliminating warehouse costs, and ultimately acting as a capacity release when ports are overcrowded.

Trans loading serves as the bridge between modes, offering a prime opportunity for businesses to use the supply chain breaks to strategically position and manage their inventory. A strategic Trans Loading Program has become vital for any big box retailer or importer who wishes to reach every major U.S. market with competitive service and pricing. Trans loading is a proven success when it comes to meeting all of you and your customer’s needs efficiently.

To ensure predictability and performance, collaboration and communication are crucial to success.

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