Volume LTL & Partial Freight

What is Volume LTL & LTL?

Volume LTL & LTL Freight

Volume LTL Freight is quick, efficient, accurate, and stress-free. Designed for small to large businesses, warehouses, distributors, and manufacturers to help reduce cost by combining shared Volume LTL into a full truckload. Volume LTL requires freight greater than 5,000 lbs, 6 pallets or more, and takes up 12 to 32 linear feet of trailer space, anything less is considered LTL.

LTL (Less Than Truckload) is a great option if you have freight that is smaller than the full size of a truck. LTL is commonly used for businesses, distribution centers, and manufactures. One of the biggest benefits of LTL shipments is that a consumer only pays for the space that is being used, as opposed to paying for an entire truck.

To offset the cost of shipping in smaller loads, the LTL shipment will fill the remaining truck space with small shipments from other companies. Transportation of America’s LTL shipping is reliable, efficient, and budget-friendly whether you are transporting your assets across the city or across the country.

Due to the nature of LTL shipping, it is expected that there will be more delivery stops to handle multiple smaller shipments in one truck. Therefore, it may take a little longer to transport your freight from one destination to the next. So, if time is important, this is a factor which should be considered. However, Transportation of America has an excellent reputation for delivery and can provide estimated arrival times.

Transportation of America can transport both your dry van goods as well as any perishable freight requiring refrigeration.

Reasons to transport LTL:

  • Small businesses shipping smaller freight loads
  • Business that ships smaller, yet more frequent local freight
  • Budget-friendly

Other service options include palletizing, crating, blanket wrap, liftgates, inside pickup and delivery, access to a massive nationwide distribution network and real-time freight tracking using our online tracking system.

Partial Freight

If you’re a growing business or a small-scale operation that only requires a partial truckload shipment, you’d still expect to receive the professionalism, quality, support, and attention as if you were a Truckload Freight customer, right? We’re committed to being your unwavering partner for all of your Partial Freight shipping, so that you can rest assured knowing that your shipment will be carefully and delicately loaded onto one of our semi-trailers with a haul that won’t damage your products, won’t bring your delivery out of the way from its destination and won’t compromise the integrity of your haul in any way whatsoever.

Because you don’t require a full Truckload, Partial Freight is much more flexible, versatile, and affordable. We frequently have a large number of Partial Freight trucks on the road each and every day to ship our clients’ loads within states, across states, and across the country. There is always an option when it comes to Partial Freight loads because our trucks are constantly on the road helping to ensure that the US economy stays on track and prospers with healthy commerce.

Benefits of Partial Freight can include anything from one-truck shipping that ensures a timely delivery, no freight class requirements, which saves your company costs on re-classifications and the like, and the lower chance of damages or breakages because your freight will be handled less. We recommend this service when shipping up to 6 pallets or roughly more than 5,000 pounds. From there, that should help you to save costs over other options like Truckload Freight and LTL Freight.

So, if you’re looking to save costs on your logistics and shipping, work with a reliable logistics partner who can guarantee a speedy delivery, and ensure that your products are delivered to their destination safely, look no further – our Partial Freight service is perfect for you.

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